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Wedding – Indian Cultural Traditions & Rituals

Wedding – Indian Cultural Traditions & Rituals

Indian cultural wedding traditions, customs, rituals have a long history with rich meaning, fun,memories, color,ceremonies and celebrations.

Indian weddings are bright and colorful. India is a land steeped in culture and traditions. It therefore comes as no surprise that marriages in India are marked by a lot of customs and traditions that are religiously followed to this day. Indian people are stern believers of religion and ancient practices. As a result, Hindu marriages in India include a number of rituals and customs. An Indian Hindu wedding is strictly observed according to the ancient cultural norms laid down in the Vedas. Indian weddings, also called ‘Vivaah’, are best known for the grandeur, traditions, grace, colors and almost carnival-type celebration associated with this sacred event. Indian wedding customs have a long history, so they’ll add rich meaning – and fun memories-to your wedding. These are some popular cultural wedding traditions you may want to include in your celebration.

Traditional Weddings In Indian Culture

Traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies can last for days and involve much ritual in Sanskrit which may be understood only by the priest conducting the service. This ceremony is considerably shorter and is intended to be understandable even to a non-Indian audience, making it suitable for intercultural or mixed Hindu/non-Hindu marriages. The couple for whom it was originally written based it on the Gujarati Brahmin traditions of the bride’s family with a few touches from Unitarian and secular wedding services familiar to the groom’s family. It includes three spots to insert optional readings and musical performances of your choosing.

Traditional Indian weddings are a grand affair and involves lavish preparations. The number of people attending a wedding could be anywhere between 500 – 1000. Here, the sanctitude of the ceremony is preserved through numerous traditional rituals and is accompanied by lots of entertainment, fun, colorful dresses, jewelry, lip-smacking foods, music and dance. One can see lots of variations in the Indian wedding traditions according to the cultural community, religion and region. However, most of the basic ceremonies which we are going to discuss in the following sections of the article are more or less the same.

Hindu Marriage Rituals & Customs

A Hindu wedding not only involves the bride and groom but the entire community, friends, family and relatives as everybody participates in their coming together of the to-be couple. The first and the foremost step is the selection of the bride and the bridegroom. While in love marriages, a boy and a girl themselves select their life partner, it is crucial when it comes to arranged marriages. Talking about arranged marriages in the Hindu custom, the parents select the prospective bride/groom for their son/daughter.

Hindu wedding ceremony is an intricate weave of Vedic scripture, folklore, and family traditions. Though the ceremony itself is solemn as it commemorates marriage, one of the sixteen sacraments, the occasion is joyous, colorful, and festive as family and friends gather to celebrate this sacred rite. It is house holder stage where in man and woman unites to become husband and wife to assist each other in performance of their religious and social duties. It is not meant to satisfy individual physical needs but is regarded as a means to spiritual glory, a necessity to develop lineage a necessary link between dead past and unborn future that must come alive. It is a lifelong commitment of one husband and one wife. Here if you make sacrifice it is not towards and individual it is sacrifice to the permanent relationship.

Sikh or Punjabi Weddings

Punjabi weddings are known for their splendour and showiness. Just like the opulent culture of Punjab, Punjabi weddings are quite exciting. The Punjabi weddings are popular due to their idiosyncratic style of celebrations. Punjabi wedding rituals are celebrated lavishly. Punjabi Wedding Rituals are elaborate and are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Punjabi weddings are known for their splendour and showiness. Just like the opulent culture of Punjab, Punjabi weddings are quite exciting. They are conducted extravagantly and celebrated with extreme vivacity. It is difficult to resist the fervour of these weddings as they comprise of traditional popular dances such as Bhangras and Giddas. To celebrate the special occasion like wedding, there are number of rituals, which are performed before and after the wedding. These rituals at times, seem to be just an excuse to celebrate and have fun

Muslim Wedding (Nikah)

Muslim Wedding or Nikah is celebrated on a grand scale for a period of five-days. Muslim wedding can be conducted at any convenient time, as there is no concept of auspicious time. The Nikah ceremony can take place either at the bride or bridegroom’s residence or at a place that is convenient for both parties. Just as in any other Indian wedding, here too marriage ceremonies can be divided into pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding celebrations.

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