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Uttar Pradesh – A Cultural Heritage State of the India

Uttar Pradesh – A Cultural Heritage State of the India

India and its culture are extremely much incomplete without the reference to the great state Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh, land where god himself resides & blesses.

Uttar Pradesh is a microcosm of the entire Indian nation in the diversity. Multi ethnic, multi religious and multi cultural, Uttar Pradesh has absorbed many an immigrant culture and race within its borders and made a unique cultural heritage found nowhere else in the united states.

Culture of Uttar Pradesh

The culture of Uttar Pradesh embodies an abundant tradition of folk arts, crafts, literature, painting and music. Their state has a plethora of holy shrines of numerous religions, architectural masterpieces- most famous of these being of course the Taj Mahal- and it is home to a number of fascinating performing arts and colorful festivities. Each one of these factors have enriched the composite culture from the state. To sum up, the culture of Uttar Pradesh is full of arts, music, dance, theatrics, folk art, crafts and cuisines.

Uttar Pradesh is where where one of the six foremost classical dances Asia, the Kathaka, flourished. The word Katha, that the name is derived, means story. It originated from northern India, during the 7th century A.D. Kathak has very intricate and sophisticated movements of hands and feet together with facial expressions. The footwork is combined with the music of various percussion instruments for example tabla and pakhwaj, which are native to north India.

Uttar Pradesh can also be famous for its handi-crafts. Skilled and efficient artisans are located here who are famous for making the Chickankari Embroidery of Lucknow is particularly famous. Uttar Pradesh is the largest Brass and Copper making state in India with a large number of establishments. The diverse Culture of Uttar Pradesh is reflected from all of these backgrounds.

The Kathak dance style, the most admired classical dance form in India, flourished in UP. Today, foreign countries also have learned this graceful dance form perfectly: the gorgeous Veronique Azan as an example. The countryside songs and dances are noteworthy traits of local Uttar Pradesh culture.

History of Uttar Pradesh

The history of Uttar Pradesh goes back to 4000 years once the Aryans succeeded the state in the name of ‘Madhya Desh’. In the center of the 1st millennium BC, their state, under the Magadha rule, marked the religious creation of Lord Buddha. The Dhamek Stupa in Sarnath honored the observance of Buddha’s first lesson.

Uttar Pradesh A Cultural Heritage State of the India

Taj Mahal

Within the Medieval period, Uttar Pradesh political scenario required the advent of Turko-Afghan Muslim rulers and also the state formed various area of the Indo-Islamic empires. In due course of time, their state witnessed the dissolution of Mughal empire and also the advent of British. Later on, following a successful freedom struggle, their state became an important part of India.

Holiday destinations in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh draws a number of India’s holy cities, like Lucknow, Varanasi, Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan and Varanasi. Allahabad, positioned in the confluence of pious Ganga and Yamuna, is one of the widely visited venue, particularly throughout the Kumbh Mela. All the cities also highlights the splendid buildings and monuments, built through the Nawabs and other gone by rulers. The state offers to offer a list of fine cuisines, ultimate sightseeing and rich culture, which together contribute an energetic holiday to the visitors.

Uttar Pradesh Travel (Air/Rail/Road) Information

  • By Air : Uttar Pradesh is well toned with four domestic airports in Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Varanasi. The state is not facilitated with airport terminal, regular flights connect their state to Delhi and other major cities Asia.
  • By Rail : Express trains serviced in the railway station at Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad and Mughal sarai connects their state to the different parts of the country.
  • By Road : Uttar Pradesh has good road network connectivity via important national highways including NH 2, 25, 26, 27, 29, and 45. Regular deluxe buses and inter-state transport buses assist the travelers with safe visit Uttar Pradesh in convenient time.

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