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Things to Know About Uttarakhand Culture and Lifestyle

Things to Know About Uttarakhand Culture and Lifestyle

The culture of a place is determined by its inhabitants, environment and it is heritage. Uttarakhand has all the things by the bucket load. In fact, it has everything that any tourist could want.

Every destination features its own character, its own flavor. How’s Uttarakhand different from everywhere else? Tell us what gives Uttarakhand its flair, important special. We’d love to learn about the local customs, the personality, the vibe of Uttarakhand.

Information about Uttarakhand

In the centre of South Asia is situated the loftiest mountain chain on the planet, the Himalayas which have stood like a natural wonder for ages. These mountain ranges happen to be an important part of our heritage and culture because the birth of our civilization. In the middle of these majestic mountains lies the condition of Uttarakhand with the Kumaon hills in its east and also the Garhwal hills in the west.

Uttarakhand Culture and Lifestyle

Uttarakhand Culture and Lifestyle

Nature has endowed this region with the much beauty and spiritual bliss the place is also known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ or even the Abode of Gods. Blessed with magnificent glaciers, sparkling and joyful rivers, gigantic and ecstatic Himalayan peaks, natural biosphere, valley of flowers, skiing slopes and dense forests, this Abode includes many shrines and places of pilgrimage. The 4 most sacred and revered Hindu temples, namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are nestled during these Mighty Mountains.

The lofty Himalayas, the rugged terrains, the impenetrable forest covers and also the challenging rivers offer endless opportunities for that adventure seekers. Mountaineering could be enjoyed around the Gangotri Glacier and the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The peaks of varying heights, between 6500-7000 m, offer a significant thrilling adventure. The region has numerous fascinating treks in the pithoragarh and almora region. It’s also blessed with a huge range of plants and creatures. Along with the world-famous Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal has a great deal of awesome destinations for wildlife tourism. Fundamental essentials Rajaji National Park, Govind Pashu Vihar, Asan Barrage, Chilla and Saptarishi Ashram, the final four being a delight for bird watchers.

Aside from these the valley of flowers is yet another destination for nature lovers. Previously few years another adventure activity continues to be quite popular in the region and that is river rafting. Uttarakhand though a newly formed state has turned into a major attraction for adventure seekers due to its geographical location and the plethora of adventure activities that occur in the state.

Culture of Uttarakhand

Things to Know About Uttarakhand Culture and Lifestyle

Culture of Uttarakhand

The most important donor for giving mass attract tourism in Uttaranchal is the state’s rich culture, a great intermingling of exoticism as well as the way of life. Frequently thought-out to become the belt of Hindu culture, the Uttaranchal’s culture is certainly one of the most vital tourist attractions of Uttaranchal.

The attributes of the Uttaranchali culture should be its history, people, religion and dances. All are a beautiful amalgamation of different influences all the races and dynasties it’s been ruled by. Its history is chequered as compared to the arts culture but still interesting enough to carry a person’s consideration. Its dances are linked to life and human existence and exhibit myriad human emotions. Any visit to this tranquil will be incomplete if you don’t explore the wonderful culture and lifestyle from the local people.


The culture of Uttarakhand could be comprehended without glimpsing into the people`s lifestyle. The tribes Kols, Mundas, Bhotis throng in the area and they speak Kumayani and garhwali may be the main languages. Some wonderful bits of architecture can be in forts such as the Chandpur fort, Temple of Srinagar, Padukeshwar near Badrinath. Tourism industry, too, is developing as a large number of tourists both from India and overseas throng the location. Alka hotel, Aroma Hotel, Lake Resort are renowned because of its hospitality and excellent facilities thus prompting its lodgers to frequent the area time and again and explore the good thing about the region.


Dances of Uttarakhand

Dances of Uttarakhand

Majestic Himalayan Mountains of Uttarakhand come with an array of legends and activities mounted on them. The state of Uttaranchal has a rich tradition of performing arts and particularly dances. Nearly all of the performing arts are tremendously popular within the Garhwal region of the state.


Uttarakhand literally means Northern Section. Earlier it had been a part of the state of Uttar Pradesh but now it’s an independent state. Uttarakhand also has the sobriquet of ‘The Land of Gods’ and ‘The Heavenly Abode’.


Uttarakhand is really a region with great ethnic diversity. Though nobody could be called a native here, you will find tribes and villages of people that have no other place to connect with. They are mostly dependent on agriculture and handicrafts.


Religion or faith can be explained as belief in a supernatural energy that protects us, punishes us and offers us with whatever we need. Often it has a face and sometimes it doesn’t however the faith prompts people to worship this power.

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