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Manipur Culture with Eight Days Cultural Tour

Manipur Culture with Eight Days Cultural Tour

Manipur Culture with Cultural Tour which are organized for the travelers in Manipur lasts up to 8 days

The state of Manipur is a melting pot of numerous cultures and traditions. Manipur Valley is really a 700 meters high plateau washed by rivers. Such as the native martial art of Kerala, Manipur has its own local Martial art – Thang-ta. Same with the indigenous Manipuri dance from the state. The Lord Krishna is the most worshipped deity in Manipur and it is present as his manifestation as Govindji in the Sri Govindji Temple. Probably the most unique feature of this state may be the principal deity carved out of a jackfruit tree here in the temple. The standard rituals of worship are religiously followed within this state. There are a number of interesting tours in Manipur. The main city city of Imphal is the true reflection of each and every colour of the state of Manipur.

Manipur Culture

Culture of Manipur

Manipur, an attractive northeastern state of India, offers a rich culture. In the company of vibrant dances and music, the Manipuris find ample of reasons within their fairs & festivals for celebration. Although the lovely people are superstitious sometimes, their belief in religion and customs is unquestionably creditable. The people of Manipur are very creative as well as their artistic abilities are best observed in their handloom & handicrafts.


Religions make up the backbone of the society in Manipur. Being mostly inhabited through the tribals, the state has numerous followers of animism. The customs of those people have been generally cropped from superstitions. Besides animism, there are many people in the state who follow different religions, like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc.


This state observes numerous fairs & festivities, keeping the cheerfulness alive in the people. There are many cultural, social and religious festivals that continue different aspirations. Some of the important festivals of Manipur are Dol Jatra, Rath Jatra, Lai-Haraoba, Ramjan ID, KUT, Gang-Ngai, Chumpha, Christmas, Cheiraoba, Heikru Hidongba, Ningol Chakouba, Lui_Ngai_Ni, and Kwak Jatra.


The previous Manipuri fine dining was exactly a ‘sit-down’ affair, together with banana-leaf plates. Rice forms the regular food staple of people. Manipuri cuisine is full of non-vegetarian delicacies. Whether meat or fish, rice is consumed liberally by everyone. Kabok, a traditional specialty, is actually fried rice with a lot of vegetables. Iromba is another fermented delicacy, that is actually an eclectic combination of fish, vegetables and bamboo shoots.


The real culture of Manipur livens up in its dance and drama. The Raas Lila (love story of Radha and Krishna) dominates the state’s performing arts. The 29 tribes of Manipur get their different dances to present, such as, Lai Haroba (representing celebration of Gods), Pung Cholem (Mridang dance), Mao Naga, the priestess dance of Malbe Jagoi, Thangal Surang dance, etc.


Manipuris are extremely fond of music and dance. Several types of folk music in the region are Khullong Ishei, Lai Haraoba Ishei, and Pena Ishei. These kinds of types of music are combined with unique musical instruments like Pena. Other religious, classical and devotional songs are Thabal Chongba, Nat, Napi Pala, Gaur Padas, and Dhob. Another essential class of songs is Manohar Sai, that is dedicated to a 19th century man. Khubaishei is yet another type of song that is combined with clapping.

Manipur Cultural Tour

Manipur Culture

While you are in your Manipur Tours, do not miss to attempt the beautiful Manipur Cultural Tours which include much fun and excitement. The Manipur Cultural Tours incorporate a visit to the temples, monuments along with other sightseeing places of Manipur in India.

Set amidst the states of Nagaland, Assam and Mizoram, Manipur is really a visitor’s paradise. Cultural Tours to Manipur includes experiencing the natural beauty of the place and also the local tourist attractions of the region. Manipur is predominantly a hilly state with patches of plain and rivers. While you indulge in Manipur Travel with your family and friends, you can go to the capital city of Manipur, Imphal that is filled with lakes and grassy meadows.

The Manipur Cultural Tours which are organized for the travelers in Manipur lasts up to 8 days.

Day 01 : Arrive Delhi/Kolkata

Assistance on arrival and transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 02 : Kolkata/Delhi – Imphal

Assistance on arrival and transfer to Hotel. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 03 : Imphal

After breakfast, visit War Cemeteries, commemorating the memories from the Biritsh and Indian soldiers who died throughout the Second World War. These cemeteries are managed through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Later visit State Museum, Shree Govindajee Temple and IMA market, a distinctive all women’s market, having 3000 “Imas” or mothers that run the stalls. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 04 : Imphal

Morning visit Keibul Lamjao National Park (the only real floating Park in the World) and drive to Moirang to determine the Loktak and Sendra Islands. Post lunch drive to Bishnupur to determine the Vishnu Temple and store carvings. Evening, drive to Imphal. En route, visit Nambol (a Japanese War memorial). Overnight Imphal.

Day 05 : Imphal – Kohima

Drive to Kohima (146km/6hrs). Overnight at Hotel

Day 06 : Kohima

Morning, go to the Kohima War Cemetery, constructed in memory from the officers and men who made supreme sacrifices during The second world war. On each grave you will find beautiful epitaphs engraved in bronze. The immortal one reads “WHEN You decide to go HOME TELL THEM OF US AND SAY, For the TOMORROW WE GAVE OUR TODAY”. Later visit State Museum.

Post lunch, visit KISAMA, a Naga Heritage site where Naga’s celebrate their Hornbill festival each year and later proceed to Angami tribal villages like Kigwema. Overnight at hotel.

Day 07 : Kohima – Khonoma

Khonoma village, 20km west of Kohima, was noted for its fighting prowess. It’s also known for the fallow management of its alder trees, which balances nature in the surrounding areas. The gorgeous terraces that are carved from the hill slopes surrounding the village really are a sight to behold. The terraces grow about 15 types of paddy at different elevations. Post Lunch, visit Bara Bazar/Market. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 08 : Kohima – Dimapur – Kolkata/Delhi

Drive to Dimapur (74km/3hrs) for flight to Kolkata/Delhi for onward journey.



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