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The Goa Culture & Cultural Attractions

The Goa Culture & Cultural Attractions

The rich culture of Goa is among the most distinguishing assets of Goa, and many cultural and natural tourist attractions in Goa.

Goa in West India, called Golden Goa through the Portuguese, was an important Portuguese colony in Asia. The Portuguese were driven by their need to spread their faith towards the local population. The Goa culture is a rich blend of eastern and western traditions which will make it a popular aspect of Goa Tourism. With scenic beauty the vibrancy of culture get this to place a pulsating destination where tourists from around the world come to experience the interwoven charm of nature and culture.

Culture of Goa

Culture of Goa The rich culture of Goa is among the most distinguishing assets of Goa. The culture of Goa comprises folk songs, lively dances, peppy music, seasoned cuisines and colorful festivals. The culture of Goa is a combination the influence from all the communities which had ever lived in Goa.


Religion and culture are another reputation for India. Goa has a number of temples, Churches and Mosques. Known as the Rome of the East, Goa shelters probably the most spectacular Churches in the country. A multicultural state Goans have been demonstrated to be peace loving people. Whether it is Catholics, Hindus or Muslims all Goans live in harmony with every other. People of different religious be sure to enjoy themselves at the different festivals celebrated in Goa each year. The most popular festivals celebrated in Goa are Christmas, Easter, Ganesh Chaturthi, Easter, Sanvsar Pavdo, Shigmo and also the Goa Carnival. Goa is also known for its New Year’s celebrations. The Goan Carnival is famous to attract a large number of tourists


Music flows in blood of those of Goa. Majority of Goans can play guitar or perhaps a piano with much ease. Much Goan music comes from haunting and Portuguese love songs. The standard dance and music of Goa has blended well using the more modern and chic dance and music from the West. Culture of Goa is reflected in the traditional dances including Fugdi, Dhalo, Kunbi, Dekni, Dhangar, Morulem, Zagor and Lamp Dance.

Goan cuisine

Goan cuisine has changed over a period of centuries with influences from various communities. The recipes and also the style of cooking have transformed through the years, the basic ingredients remain the same. The staple products of Goan individuals are the rice, fish and coconut. Nearly every Goan recipe will be prepared with such as the main ingredients. The folks of Goa are avid seafood eaters and employ prawns, lobsters, crabs, and pomfrets to prepare scrumptious soups, salads, pickles, curries and fries. Goan people make liberal utilization of spices like cumin, chilies, coriander, garlic and turmeric to provide aroma and flavor for their food. Besides the Goan cuisine, the most well-known drink of Goa is feni. It’s a locally brewed drink produced from cashew or coconut.Cultural-Attractions--of-Goa

Festivals of Goa

Culture of Goa is showcased within the fairs and festivals of Goa. The calendar of events of Goa isn’t empty. Shigmo, celebrated in the month of February and March, is well known just like Holi. The Feast in our Lady of Miracles is well known 16 days after the Easter. The Feast from the Three Kings at Reis Magos Cuelim and also the Feast of St Francis Xavier at Old Goa are locked in December every year. The Feast of St. Anthony locked in the month of June marks the start of monsoon. Bon Carnival, the Mother of All fests, is well known all over Goa for three days within the month of February. Food Festival is organized I the month of November where one can taste and savor the authentic local cuisine of Goa for 5 days.

Night life in Goa

Often referred to as the most happening holiday destinations in India Goa well known all across the world for its party all night atmosphere. A state that believes in partying for nearly every occasion Goa is said to become better than the metros in this respect. It is stated that Goa never sleeps. Through the night rave parties in Goa would be the most sought after by youngsters in the united states. The beaches come alive after the sunsets in Goa. The noise of music and the numerous lights around the beaches of Goa simply sweep you off the feet.

Goa’s Cultural Attractions

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus

This church is devoted to infant Jesus. This church is an essential church in Old Goa. It houses the remains of Goa’s patron saint St. Francis Xavier.

  • St. Cathedral Church

This is the largest Church in Asia and it is dedicated to St. Catherine. One of the surviving towers includes a Golden Bell.

  • Lord Shiva Temple in Mangueshi

Here in a multicoloured structure resides the deity of Shiva in Solid Gold. The courtyard includes a seven storeyed

  • Mahalasa Temple

This temple is devoted to Mohini, the female form of Lord Vishnu. It includes a 21-tiered deepmal perched atop a
Kurma, the tortoise incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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