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Explore the Traditional Dances of Rajasthan

Explore the Traditional Dances of Rajasthan

Unique and famous folk dances of Rajasthan: Traditional Dances of Rajasthan are absolutely colorful and lively and also have their own importance.

Rajasthan is famous for its traditional dances performed in colorful dresses by innocent people in the most royal and rustic & rural surroundings. These dances represent the rich cultural heritage of the Rajasthan and its people.

They are performed in evenings when the sun sets into the sands along with the songs’ and stories behind them for the entertainment after the day’s hard work at fields. These dances are meant for both men and women and they all participate full heartedly in them along with the local instruments like saarangi, table, dholak etc. Lissome women dance with the clay and pots balanced on their heads on the beats of the Rajasthani folk music. They are based on a theme and usually they narrate some brave story of a Rajasthan king or queen.

Dances of Rajasthan

Folk dances of Rajasthan


Ghoomar dance consists of swirling around in circular patterns by men & women with women wearing ghaagraa, a long and colorful skirt with embroidery work and small circular mirrors. This dance form originated by the bhil community who are known for their hunting acumen and are found in Pakistan.

The dancers hide their face in the veils and snap their fingers during the dance. They rhythm created by the musical tempos of the dance is very interesting to listen to and is the beauty of the dance form.

Kathputli Dance

Kathputli is the wooden puppet which is decorated with the bright color dresses. During the dance the puppeteers use stories and songs to narrate the Rajasthani legend’s heroic deeds. kathputli depicts the persona of the character and is controlled by the persons who use the attached strings to control them.

Gair Dance

Gair dance is another famous Rajasthani folk dance, which is performed by both men and women. Gair literally means a circle or a round; hence this dance is performed in a circle. During the dance the performers take turns into clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

KachiGhodi Dance

KachiGhodi is one of the most entertaining Rajasthani dances, which was originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. These days, this dance is performed by Potter, Muslims, Sarghara, Kamdholi and Bhambi communities. This dance of Rajasthan is performed with the help of a wooden dummy horse while a person wearing that.


Kathak is a classical dance of Rajasthan, which is performed during the big events and cultural nights of Rajasthan. During the performance dancers wear traditional colorful dresses and the background classical music is played with instruments like Tabla, Sarangi, Sitar etc.


This is the spectacular performance in which the veiled women dance nimbly balancing seven or more brass pitchers on their heads.

Chari dance

Chari dance reflects the importance of water in the life of the villagers. The dancers choreograph the deft patterns with their hands while balancing brass pots on their heads

Kachchi ghodi

In this type f dance the male dancers have the fake horses strapped around them which resemble the fierce rajput warriors of previous times. A man sings in the background with the tales of bloody battles and bandits while the drums beat and the dancers with the broad sweeping movements and props such as shields and swords in the performance.

Fire dance

The dancers perform in this dance on the burning wood and hot charcoal with the drum beats in the background aligned to their movements while the music is also played. During the performance the spiritual atmosphere prevails with not the inch of the feet burned or spoiled.

Drum Dance

In this dance the men dance to the tunes of the drums tied to their necks while the lead dancers balance a pointy sword in their mouths while juggling the painted sticks.

Snake dance

The dance is performed by the kalbeliyas which are the snake charmer community of Rajasthan.

Terathali dance

This is a devotional form of dance performed by the Rajasthani women. Manjeeras are tied on the wrists, elbows, waists, arms of the performers. The women are dexterous and dance on the beats of the manjeeras whereas the male partners sing and dance on the beats of the Tandoora.

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